Wet Nose Lodge Daycare

Our staff goes through an industry-leading training program to ensure a safe
and controlled environment for play and socialization.

We provide a safe and fun alternative so you don’t have to leave your Wet Nose Family Member at home all day long. Your dog can have fun with us and enjoy our scheduled routine that offers plenty of activities and enrichment as well as adequate rest. All of our team goes through an industry-leading training program to ensure a safe and controlled environment for play and socialization. Did we mention, we also have a pool with beach-entry so on those hot summer days we provide a fun way to cool off.


  • All dogs participating in daycare must pass an evaluation* so we can determine if your dog is a good fit and will enjoy social play. If your dog attended daycare with us in the past, but it has been over three months ago, then we may have to re-evaluate as new dogs join our daycare and play styles may have changed since they were last seen.

    *If lodging with us then we can schedule it while they’re with us.

  • All dogs attending must be 4 months of age and older. Dogs younger than 4 months need special attention and would benefit from our training program for an introduction to socialization and to learn basic commands that are helpful in a social setting.
  • All dogs must be spayed or neutered by 9 months of age.
  • If your dog is newly adopted or new to your family, then it must be living in your home at least 30 days before beginning daycare with us. Acclimating to too many environments at once can be stressful to your new family member and we want our introduction to us to be as positive as possible.
  • At minimum, your dog must know and respond to their name in order for us to keep rough play in check by verbally calling them out of play and redirecting them. If your dog needs help responding to cues and commands in the presence of distraction, then we offer our Training Program that can help them be successful and safe in daycare.
  • All dogs must be on a flea preventative to help keep our friends flea-free and healthy. If fleas are found on your dog then a flea bath will be given at your expense.

Daycare Pricing

15 Day Membership


Membership Benefits:

- 15 Days of Daycare per month

- 2 Free Nail Dremel/Clip (depending on temperament of dog)

- 1 Free Bath

Unlimited Membership


Membership Benefits:

- Unlimited Days of Daycare every month

- 4 Free Nail Dremel/Clip (depending on temperament of dog)

- 1 Free Bath

- 15% Off Boarding

Membership Details:

~All Items are set to be used within that month. They do not roll over to the next month

~All membership payments are automatically made on the 1st of each month and a credit card must be saved to your profile

~All cancellations for memberships are required to have a 7 day notice before the 1st of the month either hand written or emailed

Pre-Paid Daycare Passes:

~Discounted packages that are great for dogs that frequently attend daycare. Passes do not expire and can only be used for daycare. Passes can be shared with dogs within the same family.


Evaluations should be scheduled Monday through Friday with a drop-off time at 9:00am. Our team will introduce your dog to our play yards, other dogs, and other team members to see how well they tolerate a new environment. We will monitor their play style, social interactions, behavior, obedient cues, and of course, watch for any signs of aggression. We want a positive experience for your dog and want to make certain that your dog is having an enjoyable time with us as well as playing safely with others.

An evaluation fee of $5 will be collected at the end of the evaluation, regardless of their acceptance status. A free day of daycare will be given if accepted on the day of evaluation. *Free day of daycare cannot be redeemed at a later date.

We reserve the right to expel dogs who exhibit aggressive or destructive behavior such as gate rushing and/or excessively rough play. Dogs in our daycare are always on probation. Continued acceptance is never guaranteed and is subject to their behavior on any given day.