Dog Grooming
Pampered styling from head to paw!

Our talented stylists are both gentle and artistic. They can do the most basic of cuts to creating trendy Asian Fusion styled cuts with a flare of color. We hand blow dry all of our dogs unless they become stressed from it then we will use a cage dryer without a heating element so it will only blow room temperature air. Our Stylists receive continuing education throughout the year so all of our guests receive the best care & superior grooms.

Each groom appointment includes specialty shampoo customized to your dog’s coat and skin condition, moisturizer to rejuvenate the coat, cleaning the ears, blow out, your choice of haircut, trimming/filing the nails, and conditioning spray. We will finish with a spritz of cologne, a colorful bandana or bow, and top it off with a themed portrait of your Wet Nose Family Member. Call us today to schedule your Spa Day!

Our stylists work by appointment, however some days we may have a limited amount of walk-in appointments available. Guests with a reserved appointment will be serviced first and walk-ins may have to wait a bit longer to be worked into the daily schedule.

Your time is valuable and we will respect it, we politely ask that you do the same for us. If you have an appointment and need to cancel, please call us to let us know of the change. We know that things can come up last minute, however, if you fail to call (12 hours notice) and not show up for your assigned appointment there will be a $35 no-show fee added to your account. Thank you for respecting our policies.

We take grooming reservations Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday. We take bathing appointments Monday-Saturday and Sunday bath appointments for departing lodging guests only.

Dog Bathing
Some Dogs Only Like Playing in Bubbles!

Our bathing specialist will determine which of our specialty shampoos will benefit your dog the most. Once selected we will scrub from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail to ensure your dog is clean. We will wipe out the ears, hand blow dry, conditioning spray, nail trim, colorful bandana and finish with a spritz of cologne and extra love. Call us Today to schedule your Spa Day!

Little Extras to Complete a Spa Day!

  • Sparkle Package - Nail Grind, Digital Picture, Teeth Brush & Body Conditioner.
  • Diamond Package - Nail Grind, Digital Picture, Teeth Brush, Body Conditioner & De-Shedding Treatment.
  • Fancy Paw Package - Nail Grind, Digital Picture, Teeth Brush & Mud Bath or Hot Oil Treatment.
  • Nail trimming/filing
  • Mud Bath - We recommend this for any Wet Nose Family Member that is suffering from dandruff, hot spots, abrasions or constant itching. It is also relieves aches and pains caused by arthritis for elderly dogs.
  • Coloring (Temporary)
  • Hot Oil Treatment - A deep penetration conditioner that will leave your Wet Nose Family Member’s coat feeling soft and looking great
  • Nail Polish
  • De-Shedding Treatment - Is a specifically designed method to remove all that messy dog hair safely and properly, leaving your Wet Nose Companion feeling great with a beautiful, clean coat. We do not recommend shaving your dog because it leaves them exposed to sun damage and it will permanently ruin the hair follicles which will cause hair loss
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Flea-Dip

Grooming prices vary on size, coat length, coat condition, and temperament of dog.


  • Micro dogs: 1-5 lbs start at $20 for bathing & $50 for grooming.
  • Small dogs: 6-20 lbs start at $25 for bathing & $55 for grooming.
  • Medium dogs: 21-40 lbs start at $30 for bathing & $65 for grooming.
  • Large dogs: 41-60 lbs starts at $35 for bathing & $75 for grooming.
  • Extra Large dogs: 61+lbs start at $45 for bathing & $85 for grooming.

The above prices are all starting prices for short, slick-coated dogs. The longer the coat the more work and time involved.

If your dog is matted, a wiggly worm, or a biter then there will be an extra fee.

Please make an appointment to schedule a spa day for your Wet Nose Family Member, today!

(281) 446-9083