Basic Obedience and On Leash Commands
Training Program

If you are getting pulled or dragged during walks, coming home to a Wet Nose Family Member who is destructive or your just feeling overwhelmed because they won’t listen, then our training program is the solution to your problems.

Our Training program is a great beginner course for dogs of all ages*. It is a 14 day lodge and train program that comes with our Standard Lodging package (5 potty times, bedding and a daily report card) and a complimentary exit bath. The best part of our training program is that it is 100% guaranteed for all the basic commands and leash training.


Training Program


  • Leash Walking
  • Sit Command
  • Stay Command
  • Come Command
  • Down Command
  • Heel Command
  • Appropriate Human Greeting
  • Any behavioral issues you may be having at the house: Chewing, digging, bolting, jumping, etc.
  • Go-Home lesson to ensure you have all the tools required to keep up with the training
  • Complimentary refresher lessons any time you lodge with Wet Nose Lodge & Spa for 1 year. (Excludes peak season dates)

* Puppies must receive their last round of vaccines to be eligible for the program. Dogs older then 7 years must have approval from the trainer before enrolling.

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